Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leonardo`s at bangsar

So I went to Leonardo`s Bangsar for my Birthday dinner :D I got blindfolded all the way there so I have no clue how to get there :p However let me tell you this, the food is fantastic! The ambiance is great the food is great and it`s a nice place to sit down and talk to your friends or even if you`re out for a date. The main courses were yummy, but the tiramisu cake was just so so. Their mushroom soup was really flavourful too. Price wise, well it was super expensive, well it`s in bangsar so you can only imagine the price! But there`s no harm trying new things once in awhile :) 

Address: 61-1, Jalan Bangkung, Bukit BandarayaKuala LumpurMY.03-2096 2226Operation hours:  5:00 pm - 12:00 am

My burger lab

So I have finally tried out My burger lab :D My boyfriend took me there and let me tell you something, IT IS REALLY REALLY REALLY YUMMY. The picture above is the "say cheese burger" and why are the buns black? Well it`s because they bake it with charcoal but it taste like those normal buns and its really soft and fluffy and unique! Their fries are really nice too. It isn`t like those Mc Donalds fries, their fries have sprinkles of rosemary if I`m not mistaken. The price for a set is RM16 and yeah it is a little pricey but they use quality ingredients so I think it is worth it  :D Go give it a try!! Warning: THEY ARE REALLY REALLY PACKED and sometimes get sold out as early as 7.00pm and plus if you go late you have to line up and there will be no space for you to sit :(

No. 14, Jalan 21/22, SeaparkPetaling JayaMY.Operation hours:  5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Friday, July 6, 2012

Soap and glory

So i`ve finally finally finally after the longest time got these soap and glory products from Sephora!

First off I`l start with the scrub, IT IS THE BEST SCRUB I HAVE USED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  I swear. Not only does it scrub away your dead skin but the after effect of this scrub leaves my skin moist and I could feel a little oily sensation on my skin too! No scrub that I have ever tried has that.

Bought this for RM39. There was a smaller version of the scrub but it as RM17 I think and wasn`t worth it so I bought the big tub :)

Next up, I bought the "You wont belive your eyes" tube cream

I hope this cream worst as I have terrrrible eyebags. So I`m hoping this would work for me.

And this is their applicator. It`s a triball applicator and it`s so useful. I`l post a before and after picture after a month to see if there`s a difference! Oh and this eye cream is RM59

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lemon Garden at Shangrila KL

I went to Shangrila Kuala Lumpur to dine at the Lemon Garden Restaurant. It was a buffet dinner. I went there with high expectations as everyone recommended this buffet to us. To be honest, it was a complete let down. In addition to that, my sister and I had food poisoning the day after we ate this. Probably the seafood. Mine wasnt so bad as I did not eat the oysters. IF you are still planning to go after reading this PLEASE DO NOT EAT THE OYSTERS OR YOU WILL DIE. I admit that I am a food snob and the food served yesterday was really really wayyy below my standards.

Some scallops I guess. You can say that the ones from Sushi King tastes better and are more flavourful than these.

Lobsters. What you're looking at is probably the best part of the buffet.

Part of the desert section. Half of the deserts didn`t taste good. It taste completely different from the buffet I ate at Shangrila, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Their deserts and food were of top notch quality and there were many variates as well. The deserts I saw yesterday were like child play deserts. 
This tasted bad. It just taste like sugar.

Roast beef. Didn`t try this. Looked pretty. LOL

The deadly oysters. Looks good but it gave my sister food poisoning and also my friend who ate these few months ago had terrible food poisoning as well. Best not to touch them

I love the colours in this picture. But honestly, nothing fancy about it. The strawberries served were  the size of two green peas I kid you not. -.- They were tiny and sour. The other fruits were okay though.

I wouldn`t say this was the worst buffet I`ve been to but with the stars the hotel claims to be I think the food was really bad. I had a clam chowder that wasn`t even season properly. I ate a chocolate chip cookie that tasted really terrible and I am a sucker for cookies. I ate this lamb chop and the sauce was just awful. It wasn`t a very enjoyable meal and I will honestly never go back. I am still quite pissed off with the fact that eating a so called 5 star hotel buffet dinner would cause me food poisoning in the end.

The only okay tasting food I thought were better than the rest were the prawns they served. The rest of their food were under seasoned and is definitely not on par with other hotels. Buck up shangrila

My ratings: 5/10

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The cappucino garden cafe @ Happy garden, OUG

My mom brought us to this hidden cafe at Happy Garden and I loved it. I loved loved loved loved it. The price is affordable and my god were the portions huge and worth it and they use quality ingredients to cook their food, even their beverages taste awesome. The owner of the restaurant just came back from Australia and decided to open this cafe :)

Fish and chips: The fish tastes fresh and the flour they use are those quality flour. You can actually taste the bater unlike some fish and chips flour where the flour is chunky and have some flour residue. Their tartar sauce is homemade as well.

Chicken Lasagna: Belive it or not, this is only RM15. The portion is huge and they baked in a generous amount of chicken and cheese and their home made pasta. Not to mention the garlic bread and salad sides. 

This is their iced chocolate. It isn`t sickingly sweet like the other chocolate drinks I`ve tried. The milk does not overpower the chocolate taste and plus it`s only RM6.90. 

Tiramisu cake: Yummm. I have a soft spot for cakes and I absolutely loved this. It`s on par with the tiramisu cake from Alexis but the only difference is that this is only RM6.90. Their strawberry sauce is home  made and cooked with brandy. Perfect combination with the cake.

This was a seriously satisfying lunch and our bill total PLUS another cup of caffe late ( i didnt take picture of it) only costed up to RM 57 ish. It was really worth it!! 

Cappucino Garden Cafe,
60 Jalan Lazat 2 Happy Garden, Old Klang Road
Tel: 016-2620718